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I create safe, gentle, and engaging learning environments. Choice and the needs of the individual are at the centre of each experience I facilitate, whether in a group, a partnership, or with an individual. All my work is guided by the principles of the Wheel Of Consent®

When it comes to intimacy your body already has the knowledge it needs.

I offer a space in which you can be safely held, and fully seen and heard, without judgement. I use body-based principles to work collaboratively with you, giving you tools to reconnect with the knowledge your body already has:

Understand what your body feels

For many people sex and intimacy can be challenging, which may direct them to supress or turn away from the natural instincts their body is providing because it does not feel safe. I offer practices and tools to become more fully aware of what you really feel – sensation or emotion – and an environment in which to engage with this safely.

Communicate what your body wants

When you understand what you feel it becomes easier to know what it is you truly want – or don’t want. But it’s not always easy to find ways to express this.  Like any muscle, building these skills takes work, so I offer a learning environment in which to develop and practice new ways of communicating your needs and getting them met.

Do what your body enjoys

Once you’re able to understand and communicate what feels good for you, it opens the door to more fully exploring sensation, and experiencing your authentic pleasure in the way that only you know how. I offer body-based practices to enhance this, and facilitate experiences guided by, and tailor made for, your body.

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Why is consent so important?

Although most of us tend to equate consent with sex, I believe consent is actually a fundamental life skill. If we want to learn to have consent, choice and agreement in the bedroom, we need to learn to have it everywhere else first! Read more about the Wheel Of Consent which underpins all my work.

"My work with Michael was transformative.  Michael's great skill lies in his intuitive sense and our work together provided a gateway to a deeper connection in my body/ mind"

M, Scotland

"One moment touched me immensely deeply – opening a tiny chink in a rather well protected piece of antique personal armour. Thank you for holding the space with such beautiful sensitivity”

C, London

"Michael is very perceptive and supportive. I learnt a great deal in quite a short time, and experienced an opening up of what had been very shut down!"

B, England


Wake Up Your Hands! – Edinburgh

31 October, Edinburgh. Wake Up Your Hands! Join this evening intro to the Wheel Of Consent, and lay the foundations for improving choice and intimacy. A safe, gentle mix of information, discussion, and practical solo exploration.

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Wheel Of Consent Essentials – Edinburgh

1 December, Edinburgh. This 1-day ‘hands-on’ introductory workshop teaches you the essentials of the Wheel Of Consent. Learn a new way to navigate connection, and bring a completely fresh approach to all your relationships.

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Need A Hand?

How will you celebrate International Masturbation Day? Find out how to go from pleasuring yourself to finding pleasure in yourself.

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Communication – How To Ask For What You Want

It’s great to know what you want, but you also need to know how to communicate it clearly. Learn 3 ways to ask effectively for what you want.

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