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Learn 4 different ways to touch. Hosted by Men In Touch, this is an evening workshop for men who like to touch men.

If you were offered the chance – right now – to touch, or be touched, in whatever way felt most exquisite to YOU, would you know what that truly was, and feel able to ask for it?

This workshop offers a taster of the Wheel Of Consent as a tool to experience how it feels to choose – and get – exactly the touch you want. And also how it feels to willingly set aside your own desire in order to pleasure someone else.

Consent literally means ‘with feeling’ – so touch is an ideal way to learn about navigating your own desires, and get clarity about who that touch is for.

“As men we sometimes lack the skills to communicate and negotiate with potential partners. Michael was able to guide people through this, helping us navigate … take risks in a safe space, and experimentally learn what works and what does not work for each of us”  Workshop participant, New Zealand

This workshop is open to new men and those with all levels of experience. The invitation will always be for you to choose for yourself how much, or little, to engage with touch, and what positions are most comfortable for you.

Please note: this workshop is hosted by Men In Touch and is therefore men-only and will involve naked touch.

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(booking opens October 10 2018)

image of silk and wheel of consentWhen: 7-10pm Tuesday 6th November 2018

WhereNeal’s Yard Meeting Rooms, 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP

Cost: £35 (first 15 places); £45 (remaining 10 places). Booking opens 10 October 2018

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The Wheel Of Consent is based around 4 quadrants: Take, Allow, Serve, and Accept. Each creates a different experience of interaction with others and teaches you something different about yourself.

Learn more about the quadrants and the wheel:

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