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Wheel Of Consent LGBTQIA+

I’ll be assisting my School Of Consent colleague Rupert James Alison and a great queer team on this 1-day workshop. This workshop offers the opportunity for LGBTQIA+ participants to learn a powerful, cutting edge consent model – The Wheel of Consent – which has been developed by Dr. Betty Martin and others at the internationally renowned School of Consent.

The Wheel is also an embodied practice, and we will use breath and awareness to bring us into a deeper noticing of our body. Participants will be invited to experience each of the four quadrants using simple, clothed touch exercises, limited solely to the hand and fore-arm.

IMPORTANT: You do not have to touch, or be touched by anyone else, to take part in this workshop. All exercises will be demonstrated before we ask you to decide whether or not you would like to practice them, and we will always provide alternatives (e.g. solo practice) to sharing touch with another.

Booking Details

Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance: Please email Daniel at danielmorrison2658@gmail.com.

You are welcome to book on your own, or with one or more friends or partners. If you book with partners/friends, you may choose to share any touch mainly or solely with them if you prefer.

For more details and to book click here:


When: Sat 25 May 2019 – 10.30 – 17.30

Where: LGBT Foundation, Manchester, UK

Cost: £45 / £35 / £25 sliding scale according to your ability to pay.

Please get in touch if costs remain a barrier to attending.


What’s Your Pleasure?

1 June 2019, Brussels Belgium – For men who like men: a guided evening session offering the opportunity to choose – and then experience – touch in whatever way feels best for you, from hands to full body.

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The Wheel Of Consent is based around 4 quadrants: Take, Allow, Serve, and Accept. Each creates a different experience of interaction with others and teaches you something different about yourself.

Learn more about the quadrants and the wheel:

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