Bossy Massage

Learn to ask for – and get – exactly the touch you want most for yourself in this powerful one-to-one guided practice

Learning to be touched

The idea of learning to be touched may sound strange, but think about how many times you’ve had a massage or touch which really didn’t hit the spot.

Wouldn’t it be great to know how not to go along with it?

In a world where most of us have frequently had our physical boundaries crossed, being touched only when and how YOU choose can be a profound experience.

This is about reclaiming touch and consent for yourself.

Radical and liberating

It sounds obvious. But so many of us have either normalised ‘putting up’ with touch we don’t want, ignored our own desires, or turned away from touch altogether.

Learning to be able to identify, ask for, and receive ONLY the touch you truly want can be a radical, and liberating experience, helping to rebuild trust with your own body and pleasure.

The practice of the Bossy Massage can help you (re)build trust with your own body and impulses. Building towards being able to ask for a touch experience you truly want - from non-erotic to erotic.

Not your average massage

This is not your average massage! It’s not about me demonstrating fancy massage techniques. Or intuiting (often code for guessing) what I think you might like.

In fact it’s not really about the touch at all.

It’s about you discovering the true power of touch - by getting to choose it for yourself.

Nothing will happen that you haven’t requested. I will touch you only the way you ask me to, including stopping or changing the touch whenever you want.


If you’re curious about what’s involved in a Bossy Massage you can watch its creator, Betty Martin, talk more and demo it

And if you’re curious to start building your skills to get only the touch you want, check out the options below, and then get in touch.

Imagine being able to to choose touch which feels ‘Wow’, instead of just putting up with ‘Meh’

How can you learn it?

The heart of this practice is about creating the opportunity to bring full focus to your body and your desires. To experience how it feels when you don’t have to reciprocate or worry about anyone else’s needs but your own. For this reason touch in Bossy Massage sessions is only ever one way (from me to you).

All sessions are in-person.