If you want to feel good - learn how to feel.

Coaching you towards more mindful pleasure, intimacy, sex and relationships. Safe, gentle, and engaging environments for you to learn how to create connection, and have more fun with your body.


Learn to notice your desires in each moment


Believe that what you want matters


Help your body (re)discover how to feel

Notice what your body feels

For many people sex and intimacy can be challenging. This may lead you to shut down, or turn away from, the natural instincts of your body because it doesn't feel safe. Mindful sex coaching offers practices and tools to become more fully aware of what you really feel, and an environment in which to engage with this more safely.

Trust what your body wants

Once you understand what you feel, it becomes easier to know what you truly want – or don’t want. But it’s not always easy to trust your desires. Mindful sex coaching offers body-based practices to open the door to deeper engagement with what feels good to you, exploring your pleasure in the ways that only you know how.

Communicate what your body enjoys

When you’re able to notice and trust what feels good to you, the key to creating fulfilling relationships is about finding ways to express your desires. Mindful sex coaching offers a learning environment for you to develop and practice new ways of communicating your needs and getting them met.

What is mindful sex coaching?

Mindful sex and intimacy coaching can help you with connection to self, confidence with what you want, improved relationships, deeper pleasure, more authentic arousal, better sex... and much more. When it comes to pleasure your journey really is as important as your destination!


I'm Michael, welcome to mindful sex coaching

When it comes to pleasure and  intimacy your body actually already has all the knowledge it needs - I simply help you to access it.

Using body-based principles I work collaboratively with you, giving you tools to help you (re)connect with yourself, and others.

I offer a space in which you can be held as safely as possible, and fully seen and heard, without judgement.

I work mainly with people who identify as male, but I absolutely welcome enquiries from anyone who feels drawn to work with me.

Life-skills for your love-life

Take your next steps towards a more connected love-life:

This is an informal video call of up to 30 minutes - an opportunity to chat with me and ask questions, with no obligation.

How you can work with me

At the moment I am offering a limited range of ways to work with me for sex and intimacy coaching. Click on the packages below to learn more about each.

Some packages are available online, but please note that in-person work may be affected by public safety health and travel guidelines. If you don't see something here to meet your needs right now you can also check out my trusted colleagues who may be able to offer a more tailored solution.

the Joy of Touch

for couples

A simple, illuminating practice to improve touch, communication and pleasure for both of you.


Guided one-to-one intensives for men who want to explore safe, meaningful intimacy with another man.

pleasure in


A guided programme to help you (re)discover and connect with your own erotic body.

I also offer non-erotic coaching packages for help navigating interactions and relationships with family, friends, partners, even work colleagues.

"My work with Michael was transformative.  Michael's great skill lies in his intuitive sense and our work together provided a gateway to a deeper connection in my body / mind"

"One moment touched me immensely deeply – opening a tiny chink in a rather well protected piece of antique personal armour. Thank you for holding the space with such beautiful sensitivity

"Michael is a wonderful facilitator. He creates a safe space so I completely trusted him and could relax ... I benefited immensely from what I learnt and what I felt"

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Communication – How To Ask For What You Want

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Stop Doing, Start Choosing

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What people say about working with me:

"A calm, safe space to find out more about consent, touch and yourself. I really enjoy Michael's work"

"I feel more embodied in my own exploration of pleasure... and excited to continue to deepen the practice, feeling I have received the tools I need to help"

"I really enjoyed being introduced to this subtle and powerful process that woke up my senses and brought me deeply into my body"

"The Wheel Of Consent transformed my approach to getting my needs for intimacy met"

"I felt safe and permission to be how I needed to. I enjoyed being in a space where everything truly was an invitation"

"A very safe way to explore boundaries and increase my awareness of patterns and unconscious thoughts or pressures. A very warm and nurturing experience"

"100% recommend everyone to do this for improved relationships"

"A powerful, deep learning experience. I appreciate the gentleness of Michael's approach"

"Everyone should do this work... this should be taught in schools"

"I feel freer, more powerful, and more 'optioned' because of the Wheel Of Consent work"

"Michael is a very skillful facilitator who is clear and knowledgeable, and sensitive to the needs of the group"

"I feel I've gained a piercing insight into the complexities of relationships and agreements"

"Exploring the Wheel Of Consent has been a joyful, freeing and creative process. I now feel I have a better sense of what I want, how to communicate that, and how to create more harmonious relationships"

"Michael is a wonderful facilitator. He creates a safe space so I completely trusted him and could relax into the practice. I benefited immensely from what I learned and felt"

"Michael was able to help us navigate our own internal pleasure maps, take risks in a safe space, and experientially learn what works and what does not"

"Michael is a gifted communicator and facilitator. His presence, encouragement and enthusiasm allowed me to gain a deeper, clearer, cleaner 'yes' and 'no'"

"Michael is profoundly respectful in his approach. I felt safe - which helped me to talk about things which normally embarrass me"

"Michael was able to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment, and tailor his suggestions to my needs. I learned a great deal in quite a short time, and experienced an opening up of what had been very shut down!"

"My work with Michael was transformative. Michael's great skill lies in his intuitive sense and our work together provided a gateway to a deeper connection in my mind/body"

"I found myself relaxing deeply into the presence of Michael's holding capacity. His ability to hold sensitively with full awareness and care for what he is doing allowed me to overcome my fears"

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