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Coaching vs treatment – what’s the difference?

The desire to make some kind of a change is central to both treatment and coaching. The difference between them is really about the possibilities for learning and growing beyond the session itself.

There’s an essential difference between coaching and treatment sessions.

When we have a session with a professional it’s often tempting to want to let them do all the work to ‘fix’ us, or give us some kind of treatment.

That’s not how I work.

It can be confusing to understand the difference between coaching and treatment, especially when pleasure is involved, so here’s how I approach it:

Every experience with me contains an opportunity to learn more about yourself (more about that here), and that’s at the heart of my approach – even when the experience itself is the main focus. Any experiential sessions I offer sit within the wider context of my role as a coach, and facilitator, and it’s important to remember this.

Please note that I don’t offer ‘treatment’-style sessions (like a traditional massage).

Although I offer you my support and expertise, only you can be the true expert on what you want – so we will always co-create any session we have together, whatever the content.


It can be easy to get ‘lost’ in an experience – especially an erotic or touch-based one. My primary concern is always for the safety of us both (read more about my approach to safety).

So whether you are doing, I am doing, or we are both doing, we will keep things as safe as possible in each session by creating clear agreements about the intention, limits and boundaries we are both bringing.

And, of course, both of us can choose to pause or stop at any point.