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If you’re interested in sessions which are more about the experience than the learning, the options shown on this page are the best way to access this when working with me.

“An experience is an event or occurrence which leaves you feeling different than you did before it”

Pleasure, intimacy and sex are, by their very nature, about exploration and curiosity. Our bodies are not static - just because something felt good yesterday, doesn’t necessarily mean it will today. So it helps to be fully in the moment.

That’s why all my sessions are about experiencing as well as learning. We tend to learn better when we can feel something in the body.

Going beyond the learning environment

Although much of my work is about creating a learning environment for you to discover more about yourself and your body in a conscious supported way (find out more), there are occasions when you may want something more purely experiential.

Therefore I do offer a few specific session options, where the focus can be more on the experience you’re having, than on any specific coaching or teaching.

What is an experience?

Depending on your intentions, an experience - for you - might range anywhere from the simple profound power of being witnessed or heard, to the physical nourishment of being held or cuddled, in a Loving Touch session. Or the opportunity for erotic pleasure or arousal with another man in a conSensuality session.

Treatment versus coaching

It’s important to remember that any experiential sessions I offer sit within the wider context of my role as a coach, and facilitator.

Please note that I don’t offer ‘treatment’-style sessions (like a traditional massage).

Although I offer you my support and expertise, only you can be the true expert on what you want - so we will always co-create any session we have together, whatever the content.


It can be easy to get ‘lost’ in an experience - especially an erotic or touch-based one. My primary concern is always for the safety of us both (read more about my approach to safety).

So whether you are doing, I am doing, or we are both doing, we will keep things as safe as possible in each session by creating clear agreements about the intention, limits and boundaries we are both bringing.

And, of course, both of us can choose to pause or stop at any point.

Experience-focussed session packages:


Guided one-to-one retreats for men who want to explore safe, meaningful intimacy with another man

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