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How safe is mindful sex coaching?

Choice and spaciousness are at the heart of all my work with you. These foundational elements are the key to working safely and creating real and lasting change. Everything we do is led by your body and your needs.

For body-based sex and intimacy coaching to be as safe as possible it’s important to be able to walk before you try running!

It’s common to want results-driven outcomes, but to really connect safely, and meaningfully with your body you need to learn how to slow down.

Sex and intimacy coaching needs strong foundations

The key for lasting change is strong foundations.

  • Learning how to notice your authentic desires
  • Developing skills to communicate these
  • Being able to speak up for your limits

These are some of the essential building blocks you need for better connection.

Once your foundations are in place you open up much greater potential for more fulfilling journeys of deep erotic exploration and pleasure.

Safety first

We are so used to overriding our real limits we often don’t really know

  • How not to go along with something that’s already happening
  • The difference between what we want to do, and what we’re willing to do
  • How far is too far
  • When to say no

This means that, for many of us, sex and intimacy can often feel unsafe. So what are some of the ways in which sex and intimacy coaching can help you feel more safe?

Well, firstly, most of us need to re-learn what real safety feels like in our body – starting small, starting slow.

One-way erotic touch protocols, which underpin my work, aid this, helping keep the focus on your learning and your experience.

This also helps change patterns of ‘going along with’, or ‘putting up with’ things which don’t feel right. And it allows you to get clarity on how it feels when the touch is purely for you – exactly how you want it – without any need to reciprocate.

You get to choose what feels right for you moment to moment – and I help you develop skills to be able to communicate if you want to stop or change at any point.