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mindful sex  & intimacy coaching

Discover more mindful pleasure, intimacy, sex and relationships. Safe, gentle, and engaging environments for you to learn how to create connection, and have more fun with your body.


Learning sessions, and pathways, with me are a lab where you can explore safely, freely and without judgment. Somewhere you can learn, build and practice your skills.

Learning can sometimes be a challenging process, so we’ll use what’s known as a ‘titration model’ to keep it as safe as possible.

Safer experiences

Titration means short experiences, which allow you to feel, with plenty of space for your body to absorb what it experiences. Then ample reflection time for the experiences to be installed and remembered emotionally and cognitively.

Learning this way also supports you to rewire previous negative experiences without your body shutting down or being retraumatised.

Learning versus quick fix

You may notice a temptation to rush for a quick fix but going slowly is the key to deeper learning and real change.

Although you may feel, and your body may have, a variety of experiences, the focus of each session is on your learning.

This is different from the kind of standalone ‘peak experience’ you might have in a treatment or purely experiential session like a massage.

All the options below offer learning as a central or important component.

Check out session packages with me which are learning-focussed:

learn to touch

Learning To Touch

A step-by-step guided touch practice that will change the way you feel in 6 simple sessions. Unlock your connection with sensation and choice without the need to touch anyone else.

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couples relationships

Navigating Relationships

A powerful practice for couples. 6 essential sessions to help you start navigating your relationship in a conscious, healthy way.

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Pleasure In Yourself

A guided programme to help you (re)discover and connect with your own body. Learn and practice the simple, foundational skills for pleasure you never got taught in sex-ed classes!

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giving and receiving

The Art Of Giving & Receiving

Learn a powerful model for one-to-one giving and receiving with the 4 essential experiences of touch.

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enjoy touch couples

The Joy of Touch – for couples

A simple, illuminating practice for couples to improve touch and communication – so you can BOTH get a touch experience you really enjoy

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