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mindful gay sex & intimacy coaching

Discover more mindful pleasure, intimacy, sex and relationships. Safe, gentle, and engaging environments for you to learn how to create connection, and have more fun with your body.

Mindful sex and intimacy coaching for couples

Improve connection and communication in your relationship with online or in person coaching

Is touch, intimacy, or sex with your partner stuck in a rut, disappointing, or challenging? Do you find it hard to tell them when you’d like something different?

Learn simple, powerful practices that will help you notice, and communicate, what feels good for you. Then you can fully enjoy touch and intimacy together as a couple, not just as individuals.

When it comes to pleasing your partner mindful sex and intimacy coaching can help you eliminate the guesswork… so both of you get to experience pleasure the way you really want.

The skills you’ll learn with me in mindful sex and intimacy coaching for couples go far beyond the bedroom. I can help you open up new ways of creating mutually satisfying interactions, and deepening your relationship - with or without touch.

You can also choose to work with me individually as well as together.

"Michael is very perceptive and supportive, his feedback is clear and helpful.  He was able to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment over our sessions"

Ray and Mikkal

Work with me as a couple:

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