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Why choose one-way touch sessions?

Some of the deepest experiences of pleasure and learning can happen when there’s no need to reciprocate – one-way touch sessions are a great way to facilitate this.

One-way touch isn't something many people have considered when it comes to working with sex and intimacy, but it's a great way to become more mindful about pleasure.

What's involved in a one-way touch session?

For most sessions where there is a focus on your learning, and genital or erotic touch is involved, I use Sexological Bodywork protocols to help keep both of us as safe as possible, and facilitate your learning.

This means:

  • Touch is one way (from me to you)
  • I remain clothed (this may be fully clothed, or light covering such as a sarong or underwear, depending on your preference)
  • I wear gloves for any genital or internal touch

What are the benefits?

Often people who hope initially for an interactive, mutual experience find that keeping the focus on the experience in their own body allows them to access a different and deeper new knowledge of their body’s capacities (erotic, or non-erotic).

When you understand what feels good in your own body it becomes easier to ask for what you truly desire, and get your needs met more fully.

Sexological Bodywork is 100% safe. I wear gloves as appropriate to ensure there is no fluid exchange between us.

What to expect in a one-way touch session

Receiving exactly the touch you want - and ONLY the touch you've asked for - is a rare experience for many of us.

So everything we do in a one-way touch session is led by your body, and your desires. You get to choose, moment to moment, if and how you want to be touched.

Often when we go to a professional for touch (for example for a massage) there's a tendency to 'surrender to their expertise'.

But what if you're the expert?

One-way touch sessions with me are an opportunity for you to learn and practice skills for trusting your own body's innate knowledge. And having this safe container enables you to sink more deeply into your experience and learning!

I can work with you in a variety of ways depending on what will serve you best. Read more about self-touch and two-way touch sessions with me.

All my work is underpinned by clear agreements, professional ethics and protocols.

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