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Working with me is great for connection to self, couples, pleasure, arousal, better sex, confidence with what you want... and much more!

online coaching

Online coaching

Online coaching with me is perfect for couples, and great for individuals too. Learn essential skills to navigate relationships from the comfort of your own home.

Online coaching, or in-person – which is better?

There are benefits to both, and it depends on what’s more important for you individually.

For some people being able to access sessions with me from your own environment, without travel or physical contact, can feel safer, or more affordable.

Others prefer to be able to work in a way which allows for the possibility of touch with another person.

And some of my coaching pathways invite self-touch as a focus.

How does online coaching with me work?

If you’re working with me as a couple then touch can be possible online or in-person, as any touch that happens will be between you both.

If you’re working one-to-one with me then we won’t be able to include touch between us during online sessions.

But there are many great ways you can learn and practice the essential skills without needing to touch.

And if you want to take these skills offline, and explore touch in your own environment, I can support you to find ways to expand your practice between sessions, with friends or family.

Online coaching options

Check out the coaching packages I offer, below, which you can access online.

Or if you don't see what you want here please contact me to let me know what you're after and it may be possible to create tailored online sessions for your needs.

Session packages suitable for online coaching with me:

learning to be touched

Learning To Be Touched

Essential practices to unlock your connection with choice and communication. Give your body the skills to know what it wants when it comes to touch, and how to ask for it

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learn to touch

Learning To Touch

A step-by-step guided touch practice that will change the way you feel in 6 simple sessions. Unlock your connection with sensation and choice without the need to touch anyone else.

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couples relationships

Navigating Relationships

A powerful practice for couples. 6 essential sessions to help you start navigating your relationship in a conscious, healthy way.

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Pleasure In Yourself

A guided programme to help you (re)discover and connect with your own body. Learn and practice the simple, foundational skills for pleasure you never got taught in sex-ed classes!

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giving and receiving

The Art Of Giving & Receiving

Learn a powerful model for one-to-one giving and receiving with the 4 essential experiences of touch.

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enjoy touch couples

The Joy of Touch – for couples

A simple, illuminating practice for couples to improve touch and communication – so you can BOTH get a touch experience you really enjoy

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