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If we find ourselves repeatedly restricted from safely expressing how we truly feel then sooner or later we’ll learn to stop listening to our body.

What Kind of Wanker Are You?

Masturbation: the best worst kept secret in the world. There’s probably not a person who hasn’t at least tried it, most of us do it regularly, but it’s rarely acknowledged.

Who Do You Love This Valentines?

Is self-pleasuring really such a poor substitute for a ‘real’ lover? Maybe all those valentine’s romantics are missing a bit of a trick…

The Space Time Continuum

During the festive season it’s all too easy to get lost in the holy trinity of consumerism, family, and overindulgence. So here’s a chance to reconnect with how it feels to feel.

Mind The Intimacy Gap

What’s the difference between touch and sex? In a hyper-sexualised world where touch is taboo, it’s not hard to see why so many people believe the two are inextricably linked.

Sexual Health: Are You Mything Out?

Where do you get your information from when it comes to healthy sex? And are you getting sex-fiction or science-fact?

The Naked Truth

Once we get beyond the inhibitors of shame and body image there are good reasons why spending time to allow our bodies to be naked actually makes us feel better.


Just weeks after you were conceived you began to develop the first of your 5 senses – touch. So why have we lost touch with touch?