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gay sex intimacy coaching terms and conditions

Are there any terms & conditions?

Clear agreements are an essential part of every relationship, including our working one. Please make sure you’ve read these terms & conditions carefully, and are willing to agree to them, before contacting me.

By choosing to work with me for sex and intimacy coaching, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old and accept these terms & conditions. If you are attending coaching with another party, you must also agree to be bound by the agreed terms and conditions with each other.

I will not enter a session under the influence of either alcohol or illegal drugs, and I request the same of you.

I will ask permission to touch, and will stop touch whenever you request it.

My service is as a professional coach, and the focus of my sessions is about creating a space that is as safe as possible for your learning or experience. Read more about safety in my sex and intimacy coaching sessions.

We will always agree together what will happen in every session before it starts. Both of us can choose to stop or change anything at any time.

Behaviour by you which transgresses any of these terms and conditions may result in the sex and intimacy coaching session being immediately terminated. In such a circumstance you will not be refunded for any costs you may have contributed towards the session.

If we choose to work together in a way which may involve hands-on touch I will ask you to complete and sign a more detailed paper agreement.