Michael Dresser

mindful gay sex & intimacy coaching

Discover more mindful pleasure, intimacy, sex and relationships. Safe, gentle, and engaging environments for you to learn how to create connection, and have more fun with your body.

Coaching packages

At the moment I am offering a limited range of ways to work with me for sex, intimacy, touch and relationship coaching. Click on the packages below to learn more about each.

Some packages are available online, but please note that in-person work may be affected by public safety health and travel guidelines. If you don't see something here to meet your needs right now you can also check out my trusted colleagues who may be able to offer a more tailored solution.


Guided one-to-one retreats for men who want to explore safe, meaningful intimacy with another man

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improve gay intimacy

Foundations For Intimacy

Learn 4 foundational approaches to improve intimacy, and have more mutually satisfying interactions.

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joy of touch

The Joy of Touch – for couples

A simple, illuminating practice for couples to improve touch and communication – so you can BOTH get a touch experience you really enjoy

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Pleasure In Yourself

A guided programme to help you (re)discover and connect with your own body. Learn and practice the simple, foundational skills for pleasure you never got taught in sex-ed classes!

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The packages below will take you to my Wheel Of Consent coaching site. You can click the back button in your browser to navigate back here.

couples relationships

Navigating Relationships

A powerful practice for couples. 6 essential sessions to help you start navigating your relationship in a conscious, healthy way.

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learn to touch

Learning To Touch

A step-by-step guided touch practice that will change the way you feel in 6 simple sessions. Unlock your connection with sensation and choice without the need to touch anyone else.

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