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Two-way touch

How do you want to touch? How do you want to be touched?

Expand your capacity for physical interaction and learn skills for more satisfying two-way touch

I offer two-way touch in a limited number of session packages.

What are the benefits

Although it's possible to learn and experience a great deal within your own body, sometimes it helps to be able to interact with another body.

This is particularly true when exploring the full capacity of each quadrant of the Wheel Of Consent.

Types of two-way touch

If you're working with me as a couple two-way touch can happen between you both.

If you're working with me as an individual in the majority of two-way touch sessions with me the touch will be clothed and non-erotic.

In a few specific packages I may be willing to work outside some or all of the Sexological Bodywork protocols outlined in the one-way touch section. What I am willing to offer may differ from session to session - we will always make clear agreements about our intentions, limits and boundaries before the start of each session.

Although in these sessions two-way touch may potentially (though not definitely) include erotic touch, the focus of these sessions is about your experience in your own self, and body.

My role is always in service to help facilitate this. Any two-way touch in these sessions will not fulfil any desire for romantic sexual connection in either of us, and will not lead to any form of sexual contact outside the sessions.

All two-way touch will always be in accordance with the guidelines of my professional body, ASIS - done consciously, with concern for your wellbeing, and the safety of both of us.

I can work with you in a variety of ways depending on what will serve you best. Read more about self-touch and one-way touch. All my work is underpinned by clear agreements, professional ethics and protocols.


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