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find your buried pleasure

Imagine being able to choose touch which feels exquisitely ‘Ohhhh YEAH!’, instead of going along with something that just feels ‘OK’.

When you have the tools to understand what your own pleasure really feels like (as opposed to how you’ve been told it should, or think it ought to), and how to ask for it, this is totally possible!

Erotic and intimate touch can often seem inaccessible and scary – I can help you learn practices to make it safer, help connect you with the pleasure in your own body, and acquire the tools to connect more deeply with partners and lovers.

Learn more about how I work, below:

Somatic Sexology

Our culture often partitions sex and sexual energy into a box marked ‘other’, somehow separate from other energies or practices. But I believe once we can fully integrate this core part of ourselves with the rest of our life we stand a better chance of feeling complete.

Many talk-based therapists working with sexuality learn about it mainly as a pathology (ie: distortions of sexual behaviour and motivation). Many of them learn little about healthy sexuality, other than what society considers to be ‘normal’. But as Dr Marty Klein points out: “It’s the equivalent of going to a knee surgeon who knows all about damaged knees but very little about healthy ones. That’s not the surgeon I would pick”.

Somatic sexology sessions with me are learning labs that help you discover how to be fully in your body’s experiences – whatever they may be - and to find there what may be inaccessible to your thinking mind.

Although working this way can often bring profound and deep changes it does not set out to ‘fix’ issues or problems. Instead it offers the chance for collaborative exploration and curiosity, bringing learning, and opening the way for your body to create its own healing.

Wheel Of Consent
Sexological Bodywork

Tools and techniques

Sessions with me can involve many different routes to helping you become more fully embodied with your pleasure.

Here are some of the tools, techniques, and pathways that I work with. There are lots of options for how we can work together in a way that's right for you and your body, so get in touch to explore more.


If we find ourselves repeatedly restricted from safely expressing how we truly feel then sooner or later we’ll learn to stop listening to our body.

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Just weeks after you were conceived you began to develop the first of your 5 senses – touch. So why have we lost touch with touch?

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Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms, had the right idea when she observed that “the fastest way to still the mind is move the body”.

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Paying attention to the breath can be an incredibly powerful way to bring you from your mind back to your body and sensation.

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Mapping is a great way of re-connecting the body with touch, and finding out what’s really there – or even what isn’t there!

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Pleasure in your self

Pleasuring yourself should be a conscious practice – in a similar way to the practice of mindful meditation, or yoga.

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Porn and fantasy

Overcome an unhealthy relationship with porn or fantasy through a gentle, non-judgemental body-based process.

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Conscious Consent

In any exchange there’s a giver and a receiver, someone doing and someone being done to. But just because you’re doing doesn’t mean you’re giving!

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