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Your questions answered

Many people have questions about how mindful sex and intimacy coaching with me works, when they first find out about it. These are some of the most common things I've been asked. If your question isn't answered here you're welcome to contact me.

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What is mindful sex?

What is mindful sex, and how can mindful sex coaching help you? Learn about this different approach to sex and intimacy, and try out some simple ideas to get you started…

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What’s involved in working with me?

Working with me is an experience that you and I create together, based on your needs. There are different elements that each of us bring to the process. Here are some of the important things to know about what you can expect.

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Are there any terms & conditions?

Clear agreements are an essential part of every relationship, including our working one. Please make sure you’ve read these terms & conditions carefully, and are willing to agree to them, before contacting me.

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sex coaching cost

What does sex and intimacy coaching cost?

I aim to structure the pathways to working with me as transparently as possible, to give you the best opportunity to feel secure and committed in your investment.

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coaching treatment difference

Coaching vs treatment – what’s the difference?

The desire to make some kind of a change is central to both treatment and coaching. The difference between them is really about the possibilities for learning and growing beyond the session itself.

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Michael Dresser

Michael Dresser – who am I?

I’m a body-based sex and intimacy coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Certified Wheel Of Consent facilitator. Unlike many traditional sex and intimacy coaches, my training and experience allows me to offer hands-on learning, which can include the whole body.

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What professional ethics & protocols do I use?

It’s important the work we do together is as structured, honest, and safe as possible – for both of us. Find out about the important working protocols, as well as professional codes of conduct, which help to ensure this.

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What are some of the tools I use?

I use a variety of different body-based tools and practices to support the work we do together. You can find out about some of these in more depth here.

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What if you’ve experienced trauma?

We all carry different levels of trauma when it comes to the body and emotions. Mindful sex and intimacy coaching is not specifically designed to work with serious trauma, but it can help you build a new way forward with your body and with relating.

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online coaching

Online or in-person coaching – which is better?

There are many ways self-touch, one-way touch, and two-way touch can combine with online coaching. Find out what the best options are for you.

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bespoke tailored sex coaching

Do I offer one-off, bespoke or tailored coaching sessions?

Every sex and intimacy coaching session with me is tailored to include what’s unique or bespoke for you, even if it’s part of a package. But there are some parameters to how I structure what I offer.

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How safe is mindful sex coaching?

Choice and spaciousness are at the heart of all my work with you. These foundational elements are the key to working safely and creating real and lasting change. Everything we do is led by your body and your needs.

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coaching benefits

What are the benefits of a coaching package?

There are many benefits to sex and intimacy coaching that is consistent and committed. Here’s why a package of sessions with me is a great way to make the most of your investment.

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learning gay sex intimacy

What’s the difference between learning & experiencing?

Mindful sex and intimacy coaching sessions with me involve a number of elements. Learning and Experiencing are two of the most important. But how do they differ?

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