Foundations For Intimacy

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Learn 4 foundational approaches to improve intimacy, and have more mutually satisfying interactions.

If you want to improve the intimacy in your gay relating and relationships the key is to focus less on sexy techniques, and more on a deeper understanding of giving and receiving.

Foundations For Intimacy provides a safe space for you to get back to basics. Learn and practice approaches which will fundamentally improve the quality of your connection with others - from the bedroom to the boardroom!

This simple, powerful approach to relating (anchored in the Wheel Of Consent) has been described as radical and life-changing by many of my clients.

It all starts with you - and your pleasure

As a gay man, or a man who likes other men, you might think the way to improve intimacy, or get good at giving and receiving, is about mutuality; but actually, it all starts with you.

When you’re unsure what you desire for yourself, it can seem easier to meet your own need for pleasure through the pleasure of your partner.

But ‘your pleasure is my pleasure’ often results in neither of you getting what you fully desire because you’re both trying to please the other!

The reality is it’s not possible to simultaneously put your desire first AND put your desire aside to benefit someone else. That’s like trying to breathe in and breathe out at the same time!

Foundations For Intimacy will help you get clearer about the shifts between what you want for yourself, and what you’re willing for when it comes to someone else’s desires. In other words: getting good at receiving and giving!

"Michael was able to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment over our sessions, and tailor his suggestions to my needs. I learnt a great deal in quite a short time"

Bradley, England

Better connection and emotional understanding

Each of the 4 essential experiences of giving and receiving can also unlock deeper emotional understanding of how to improve intimacy, as a gay man. Helping you build the qualities of generosity, integrity, gratitude, and surrender.

You’ll become more clear and sure in your relating, and your ability to create connection that works for you AND those you’re with. Ultimately leading to more pleasure for everybody.

Is it for you?

You’ll benefit from this work if you’ve ever felt confused or disappointed by gay sex, relationships, or intimacy, and want to understand how to improve that.

If you don’t have a regular partner this is an opportunity to learn and explore in an environment which isn’t driven by sex or erotic expectation.

Essential skills you’ll learn:

Working with me one-to-one online allows you to learn from the safety and comfort of your own home, without the added pressure that can come with mutual touch - but the skills you’ll learn are fully transferable!

  • Improve your skills in noticing and expressing your desires
  • Discover how the 4 different experiences of giving and receiving feel in your own body
  • Differentiate between ‘want to’ and ‘willing to’ - and practice staying responsible for your own limits
  • Explore one-to-one relating and intimacy in a safe environment where sex isn’t the goal

If you want to be a better lover you need to understand your own desires first

Want to  include mutual touch in your learning? Foundations For Intimacy forms the first part of conSensuality.  This is my in-person, hands-on coaching package for men who want to explore or experience their erotic self, intimacy and touch with another man.

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Learn it with me

Foundations For Connection takes place online over 3 x 2-hour sessions. Total cost is £240. Scroll down to take your next step.

Session 1 – Waking Up Desire

In this first clothed online session we’ll start to gently explore the impulses for sharing connection, noticing and expressing desires, as well as waking up sensation in the body.

Session 1 – Giving & Receiving

In this second clothed online session we’ll continue to expand the practice of connection, discovering the four types of interaction which form the foundations of giving and receiving. 

Session 3 - Pleasure Principles

This final clothing optional online session offers the chance to deepen our exploration of the four types of interaction, in the context of pleasure.

Once you've taken Foundations For Connections you can choose to expand your experience into mutual touch-based learning with me in my one-to-one conSensuality intensive.