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Learn To Touch

Without touching anyone else!

Self-study course

Discover a whole new approach to touch that will change how you feel, in just 6 modules.

A short, affordable practical guide you can learn at your own pace, in less than an hour a day.

Now is the perfect time to re-set your relationship with touch, with this short self-study course from Certified Wheel Of Consent® coach and facilitator, Michael Dresser

michael dresser learn to touch

How do you feel about touch these days?

Does the idea of touch in a post-pandemic world make you feel longing and anxiety at the same time? You’re not alone!

Touch was already confusing enough, but now lockdowns, social distancing, and isolation have changed our relationship with it completely.

Learning tools to help us navigate back into healthy boundaries, relationships, and pleasure, has never been more important for wellbeing.

What you'll get from this course

  • A simple, powerful personal practice for regulating and calming your nervous system, which you can access in your own body whenever you want
  • A step-by-step guide to help you unlock your connection with sensation, and get clearer about what you do and don’t want
  • Understanding of the components and processes of touch
  • The chance to explore your relationship with enjoyment or pleasure when there's no-one else involved
  • Introduction to a tool which can help you navigate your relationships and interactions more clearly

This self-study course consists of 6 modules that each take under an hour to work through, as well as some personal practice. Course materials are a mix of video, audio, and PDF. You'll have access to all the course materials for as long as you want, to work through at your own pace. Teaching, and guided practical exercises will cover the following elements:

Module 1: The Nervous System

Find out how to navigate your nervous system and create a sense of safety for yourself — a necessary condition for connection  and intimacy.

Module 2: Noticing & Choosing

Understand what's really happening in your body when you have an impulse for touch. Start to wake up your hands and connect with sensation.

Module 3: About Touch

Discover why learning to touch is not really about touching. Get curious about what happens when you follow your impulses for touch.

Module 4: Pleasure

Learn about the different components of pleasure. Practice bringing your focus to what feels enjoyable in your skin.

Module 5: Personal Practice

Bring all your learning together into a short daily personal practice. Tools and tips for making the most of self touch.

Module 6: Expanding Your Experience

How to develop your practice further in your life. Plus an overview of how these tools can improve touch with others.

Why do this course now?

In recent times we’ve had to disconnect from physical engagement with others in a way never experienced before. But if you can’t touch other people it’s actually a great time to learn skills to help yourself connect with sensation in your own skin.

Many of us have been encouraged (or even forced) to spend long periods of time without physical contact.  As we come out the other side a lot of us will probably be touch-deprived.

Wouldn't it be great if, when you're free to choose touch again, you had some simple tools and skills to help you navigate it with more clarity and understanding?

Your hands contain more nerve endings than almost any other part of your body. They are the perfect conduit for connection. Yet you’ve probably never thought of them as much more than tools to achieve tasks.

Waking up your hands, sensation, and feeling, is the key to becoming more connected with yourself, with what you want (and what you don’t). And, ultimately, to more engaged and consenting interactions and relationships.

"A powerful learning experience. I appreciate the gentleness of Michael's approach."

recent workshop participant

"A great course with knowledge that should be more widely known about in society!"

recent workshop participant

"Michael is a gifted communicator and facilitator...this is a tool for life and I'm so grateful."

recent student