Learning To Be Touched

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Essential practices to unlock your connection with choice and communication. Give your body the skills to know what it wants when it comes to touch, and how to ask for it

 Why is learning to be touched so important?

Being touched against our will is something many of us have learned to normalise (read more about that here).

So learning to be touched is a crucial part of building a healthy relationship with touch, and intimacy.

Learning to be able to identify, ask for, and receive ONLY the touch you truly want can be a radical, and liberating experience, helping to build new levels of trust with your own body, as well as with your partner.

What's involved in learning to be touched?

Based on the transformational practice of Dr Betty Martin’s Bossy Massage, plus additional tools and practices to help you notice and communicate what you want, I offer opportunities to learn how to be touched for both individuals and couples.

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joy of touch

The Joy of Touch – for couples

A simple, illuminating practice for couples to improve touch and communication – so you can BOTH get a touch experience you really enjoy

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The most important thing about touch is not the touch itself. It’s being able to choose what you want.

"This opened my eyes about myself, and knowing what and how I want things for myself"

Issie, New Zealand

"I finally was able to consent with myself the kind of touch and pace of touch I like, and need, in order to experience pleasure"

Eva, Scotland