Loving Touch

Nurture your whole body with this gift of time, attention, and gentle touch

How often do you get the chance to experience safe, loving touch anywhere on your body, without any outcome or expectation?

We live in a touch-deprived society. More of us are living alone than ever before, and our increasingly online lifestyles mean an increasing lack of meaningful physical connection.

Many people turn to things like massage, or even sex, to meet their needs for touch. But actually the real need is often simply for connection or intimacy.

The benefits of ‘warm touch’

‘Warm touch’ (touch which is safe, gentle, non-sexual) is essential for our wellbeing. More than 30 seconds of it releases Oxytocin - the brain’s naturally occurring neurotransmitter of ‘calm and connect’. This helps your nervous system to relax, which in turn helps you to feel safe.

Science is increasingly recognising the importance of touch in boosting immunity, as well as helping with things like stress and weight loss.

Access to this kind of ‘warm touch’ is not just a ‘nice to have’, it’s actually a vital part of maintaining your wellbeing.

What is a ‘Loving Touch’ session?

A ‘Loving Touch’ session is purely experiential. It’s about indulgence for you. A gift of time, attention, and nurturing of your body, in whatever way is best for you.

There is no specific outcome. Unlike a massage it’s not about being treated or fixed. Unlike an erotic experience it doesn’t aim to reach a particular body state. It’s purely about your body receiving physical connection and attention in a way that feels nourishing for you.

Unlike most massages it can include genital touch (though it doesn’t have to). But unlike most erotic experiences it won’t focus on them.

Touch is always one way (from me to you) and is focussed on your needs - a ‘Loving Touch’ session is a space for you to feel free from obligation or reciprocation. This is all about you and your body.

Every aspect of your experience is welcome in the session - this may include laughter, tears, or arousal; it may simply be relaxation and peace. Nothing is expected.

What kind of touch is involved?

The intention for the touch is slow, gentle, and loving. Intimate but not sexual.

Touch can be still (such as hugging, cuddling), or it can be moving (stroking, caressing). You get to choose what you want.

How I touch will always be led by you - you get to stop or change anything at any point, and I gently create plenty of opportunities for you to let me know what you want.

You choose if you want to be fully clothed, fully naked, or somewhere in between. You can also choose whether you would like me to be fully or partially clothed (I will always keep underwear on).

Fulfillment becomes possible when you truly believe you are worthy of receiving what you desire

Is it for you?

Some people choose these sessions as a way of pampering themselves. Others use it as a safe way to meet their needs for touch. This is for you if you’d like to:

  • Receive a gift of time, attention, and nurturing which is entirely about you
  • Meet your needs for touch authentically, and honestly, without any need for reciprocation
  • Boost your Oxytocin levels and increase your state of wellbeing
  • Experience non-sexual intimacy in a safely held container

What does it cost?

If we’ve not worked together before the first session is 90 mins and costs £80

Sessions after that are 1 hour and cost £70

All sessions are in-person.