Pleasure In Yourself

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A guided programme to help you (re)discover and connect with your own body. Learn and practice the simple, foundational skills for pleasure you never got taught in sex-ed classes!

Are you dissatisfied with your intimate or sexual experiences - either with yourself, or others?

Do you want a more loving relationship with your own sexual self?

Often, when something feels lacking from an erotic experience, we get stuck because we don’t know what we want instead. Or how to find out.

Your self, your body

The best way to discover your own pleasure is to go straight to the expert - your own body!

Spending time exploring pleasure or arousal in our own body is something very few of us invest much effort in.

Yet discovering and building a relationship with your body isn’t only a way to access more pleasure on your own, it’s a fundamental part of building better relationships with others.

If you don’t know what turns your own self on, how is it reasonable to expect anyone else to?

I work with you to create a spacious, supported practice of personal exploration. With body-based self-touch tools and principles to help you open up to pleasure. These are simple, foundational skills most of us never got taught in sex-ed classes!

"I learned a great deal in quite a short time, and experienced an opening up of what had been very shut down!"

Bradley, England

About pleasure

Despite how it’s often described, pleasure is not something anyone else can ‘give’ you.

Someone may do something which your brain interprets as pleasurable. But in another context, or from another person, the same thing may feel unpleasant.

A hug from a friend or partner may feel enjoyable. A hug from a stranger in the street less so.

So what’s going on when you experience pleasure?

The level of pleasure you feel when it comes to touch will depend on three elements:

  • Sensation (what you feel in your skin)
  • Context (the meaning you give),
  • Placement of Attention (how much, or little, you bring your focus to what’s happening).

Getting better at experiencing pleasure is about learning to notice, and make choices about, each of these elements.

Is it for you?

This is for you if you:

  • Feel stuck in a rut with your own sexual expression
  • Want to build a better relationship with your own erotic body
  • Want support to explore and discover what your own pleasure feels like
  • Would like to create an alternative to masturbation with porn
  • Wish to move beyond chemsex and reconnect with your authentic arousal and pleasure

Essential skills you’ll learn:

Working with me will help you build a personal self-pleasure practice, connected to your own self, unique to you.

A deeper understanding of your own desires ultimately allows for clearer insight into what your body might want from intimate interactions with others.

Personal skills you’ll access include:

  • Learning to create more time and space for intimacy with your self
  • Increasing your ability to notice, trust, value and communicate your own impulses
  • Greater awareness of what pleasure feels like for you, moment to moment
  • Connection with breath, movement, sound and touch, in your own body, as foundations to a more connected experience of pleasure

You already know your ideal partner. You just might not have met yourself properly yet!

Learn it with me

Learn core tools and practices in 2 one-to-one coached sessions. Then put them into action in a series of 6 personal practice sessions, supported by email after each session, and a 1-hour coaching call after every 3 sessions.