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What is the Wheel Of Consent?

About Betty Martin

Dr Betty Martin, the creator of the Wheel Of Consent, has worked for over 30 years as a hands-on professional, across a number of diverse fields including chiropractice, educational kinesiology, reiki, sexological bodywork, authentic movement and non-violent communication.

After working with thousands of clients and students, she started to see some patterns emerging, and responded by developing the Wheel Of Consent. This is based on two key dynamics, which create four different roles. Each role creates a different experience and teaches you something different about yourself and the interaction you're in.

Teaching through touch

Although teaching the Wheel Of Consent uses one of the body’s primary learning routes of safe, intelligent touch as a learning container, the focus of this work is not on the touch itself. Instead it’s a powerful inquiry into knowing what it is you want and how to communicate it where the choice NOT to engage with touch is just as welcome.

Understanding consent

The key concept is radical: not simply that consent is a good idea, but practical learning to distinguish between who is doing, and who it is for, in order to be able to create safe agreements for truly consenting exchanges – from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The process is never about pushing through and trying to like something you don’t like; it’s about learning to trust yourself and be true to yourself. All of this creates ease, clarity, and confidence.

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"One moment touched me immensely deeply - opening a tiny chick in a rather well protected piece of antique armour. Thank you for holding the space with such beautiful sensitivity. I can't wait to be in a workshop space that you facilitate again"

C, London

"Michael held a space of exploration that was safe, fun and encouraging of curiosity"

G-S, Scotland